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  • ~Connecting with each other through table-tennis~ Donation of children's table-tennis table to Edogawa Ward Shinozaki No. 4 Elementary School

~Connecting with each other through table-tennis~ Donation of children's table-tennis table to Edogawa Ward Shinozaki No. 4 Elementary School


On February 10, 2023, Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "Nippon Paint") held an event to donate children's table-tennis table to Sukusuku club of Edogawa Ward Shinozaki No.4 Elementary School. Sukusuku club is a program that enables children to freely participate in activities after school or on school holidays, using facilities such as school grounds and gymnasiums. This initiative was realized in collaboration with TOYOTA Mobility Tokyo Inc., our business partner, under a comprehensive partnership agreement for regional revitalization with Edogawa Ward. Nippon Paint Group has been working together to donate table-tennis tables for children since 2018.


At the donation event, Nippon Paint Group women's table-tennis club "Nippon Paint Mallets" players Hitomi Sato, Kotomi Omoda, former player and ambassador Yu Uchinami took the stage. At the donation ceremony, Our company director Ueno presented table-tennis table and two dolls of team’s mascot character ‘Mallet-chan’, to manager Mr. Kazama of the Sukusuku club. In addition, Sato brought and showed the silver medal won at the World Championship(team match) in Chengdu last year, that not only children but also teachers were excited.



At the table-tennis class held afterwards, children from various grades learned from Sato and Omoda how to hold racket and hit. Also, cheers erupted from children who witnessed the rallies and various techniques of the two professional table-tennis players. The children's table-tennis table has rounded corners and is designed to be 10 cm lower than the normal height, so children can enjoy playing table-tennis safely. Those who actually played with the children's table-tennis table said, "I was able to get used to it quickly because the players taught me kindly," and, "It was fun to hit back."



On the other hand, the group waiting for their turns experienced a non-contact/non-wearable motion training tool called TANO. This is a program where you stand in front of a monitor and make a practice swing, and the sensor recognizes your movements, allowing you to play various sports such as table-tennis. Children teamed up with each other and aimed for a high score by energetically swinging at the panel on which the score was displayed.



After the table-tennis class, cheering goods for a match were given to children by Mallets members. Children were very happy to receive the gifts as they were signed by the players. And a long line formed for autographs after the lesson as well. Mr.Kazama, the club manager commented with joy,“The way children play is changing due to the pandemic, so I think it would be good to have sports that can be done indoors. I hope that today will be an opportunity for them to take an interest in table-tennis, and that some of these children will become Mallets players in the future.




We will continue to contribute to the local community through a variety of support activities.


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