Introducing Nippon Paint’s CSR initiatives.


One of our projects is to deliver happiness via paints. And, up to now, we have worked on various activities to contribute to society via paints. We have coined the name (with logo) “Happy Paint Project” in the hope of further raising awareness about those activities.
Rest assured, our social contribution activities will continue to evolve.


The name and logo incorporates, in paint, the four-leaf clover - a symbol of happiness - and highlights the four Ps in “Happy Paint Project”,

Industry-Academia Collaborations

At Nippon Paint, we engage in industry-academia collaboration projects as part of our contribution to society.

Industry-academia collaboration with Osaka Prefectural Imamiya Technology High School

We are working on a joint project with graphic design students from Imamiya Technology High School as an “outside company team” of our company, and the aim of the joint project is to create involvement in package/catalog/web video design at a level comparable to creativeness in actual society.
(Project details are still under consideration, but the assumption is that the project will involve paint-driven value creation inside and outside the school, event planning and design of promotional materials, etc., and the frequency and format of cooperation will vary depending on what schemes are adopted.)