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Always Aiming Higher

Always Aiming Higher

Greetings. I am Masuo Kida, the Representative Executive Officer & President of Nippon Paint. And, as such, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued patronage of Nippon Paint products.

In conjunction with reorganization in the Nippon Paint Holdings Group in 2015, Nippon Paint was established as a business company responsible for trade-use paint business. Hence, we are in charge of a wide range of fields, from paints for buildings and steel structures, automotive refinishers and paints for general industrial usages.

In recent years, high-functioning and high-performing paints are in the spotlight - thus, in addition to the basic functions of protecting materials and instilling them with aesthetic appearances, “new functions”, such as antiviral/antibacterial, ultra-durability, thermal insulation, stain prevention, peel-off prevention of concrete are demanded of our paints. From the perspective of protecting the global environment, there is an urgent need to create and popularize environment-friendly products centered on water-based paints, including low environmental impact at the manufacturing stage. We will take on the challenge of creating new value through close collaboration with group companies, including overseas regions. As ever, with the aim of solving social issues, we will continue to strive to provide our customers with better value-giving products at speeds that will please.

We believe that our social role is massively important because our products are an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day life. The Nippon Paint Holdings Group positions the SDGs and ESGs sentiments at the core of the group’s management ethos. We too adhere to such sentiments, but we still underscore the need to maintain a “shareholder-first principle” - thus, once we fulfill responsibilities to customers, employees, business partners, society et al, we will work to maximize shareholder value.

Always Aiming Higher Always Aiming Higher