Company Outline/ About Us

Trade Name Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address 〒140-8677
4-7-16 Minami-Shinagawa Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
Offices Hokkaido Branch, Tohoku Branch, Kanto Branch, Kita Kanto Shinetsu Branch,
Chubu Branch, Kinki Branch, Chugoku Branch, Shikoku Branch, Kyushu Branch, Tochigi Plant, Okayama Plant,
Tokyo Office, Osaka Office and each of the branch offices across the country
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Capital 739 million yen
Business Content Manufacture and sale of paints for architecture (buildings, civil engineering structures) and paints for automobile repair
Representative Masuo Kida, Representative Executive Officer & President
Board Members Akihiko Imaizumi, Director & Duputy President
Atsushi Ogaki, Director & Managing Corporate Officer
Yu Okazawa, Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Kazuya Fujiwara, Senior Corporate Officer
Kazuo Yamaguchi, Corporate Officer
Koichi Honda, Corporate Officer
Satoshi Ueno, Executive
Kazuaki Masuda, Executive
Akihiro Shinoda, Executive
Yasuhiro Arai, Executive
Ko Ohira, Executive
Major Shareholders Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (100%)
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