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Innovative Technology Laboratory
The Innovative Technology Laboratory's R&D efforts aim to improve our living environment through innovative and high value-added paints/coatings. Also being developed are technologies that minimize their impact on the environment to maintain an appropriate ecological balance. The Laboratory therefore has recently launched its own research projects in the areas of high-function technology, environment-friendly chemistry and process design technology.
High-function technology
Focusing on Nippon Paint's proprietary high-concentration precious metal colloid technology -- a world's first -- the Innovative Technology Laboratory concentrates on new and more advanced coating functions by strengthening the company's nanotechnology.
Environment-friendly chemistry
Part of the commitment in tackling global-scale environmental issues is the development of environmentally sound products.
Process design technology
A thorough review of the entire process flow from paint manufacture to coating film formation and the development of innovative process technologies will allow the Laboratory to improve the cost-wise competitiveness of Nippon Paint products as well as help customers reduce coating costs.
Tokyo Group
The Innovative Technology Laboratory's Tokyo Group was established in August 1989 for the purpose of acquiring new technologies from internal and external sources. Housed in the Tokyo Center Building equipped with a full testing facility, the Tokyo Group functions as the center of R&D information exchange. To accelerate Nippon Paint's technological development, the Tokyo Group also seeks partnerships with non-paint industries, public research institutes and universities, instead of solely relying on in-house technological resources.
Above: Electron scanning photomicrograph of gold colloid with a particle diameter of 10nm.
Below: A model car coated with gold colloid-mixed paint (Gold colloid's plasmon absorption property provides a vivid red hue while clearly delineating the model's shape).

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