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Nippon Paint's Leading-edge Technologies
Nippon Paint's continuous R&D commitment has resulted in numerous sophisticated technologies including micron-particle resin materials, highly stain-resistant coating technology and many other environmentally sound technologies.
Resin and Material Technologies
Recycling industrial waste -- Polyester resins made from recycled PET and recovered cooking oils
High weather-resistant modified silicone resins
Water-borne paint hardeners featuring controlled reactivity through hydrophilic/hydrophobic design
Film-formation materials with nano-level structure for ultrahigh water repellency
Reactive oligomers with advanced functional segments
Micron-particle materials with precision-controlled structures
NEW Highly economical electrocoating materials with superior electrical and mechanical properties that do not contain harmful heavy metals or solvents
Material Design, Process and System Technologies
Hardening resin design technology that uses the Michael Addition for zero emissions and minimum impact on the environment
Highly stain- and water-resistant partially substituted alkyl silicate coating material technology
Design technology that uses a lotus leaf as a model for resins resistant to marine organisms
Acrylic resin design technology capable of controlling holding/release of various metals
Volume hologram design technology for flexible light handling
High-concentration nano-level metal particle design technology capable of generating vivid hues through plasmon absorption
Ultra-quick drying visible light hardening film formation technology that can harden a 3cm thick film through 2-minute visible light irradiation
Electromagnetic wave control material capable of freely controlling different waves
Design of a DC atmospheric pressure plasma treatment system that can process even heat-susceptible and intricately shaped materials
Easy-to-use and handy plasma treatment system
Computer Color Matching (CCM) technology for liquid state colorimetry without the need for drying paints that contributes to a significant reduction in color-matching time
Easy-to-clean multicolored paint dispersion mill with a simple color change capability suitable for varied volume production of multiple product types
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