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Analysis of paint material properties
Pilot system
Above: Analysis of paint material properties
Below: Pilot system
Resin and Materials Center
Laboratory testing
Laboratory testing
Resins are vital materials that determine the final quality of paint products. Specialized in the research and development of high-performance resins and materials, the Resin and Materials Center is a central component of Nippon Paint's R&D efforts. Tasks range from basic research in resins and materials to the development and production of acrylic, polyester, urethane, melamine, epoxy, silicone and other resins to meet specific needs of various industries. Unique developments at this Center include recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) composite resins, water-borne paint resins and high-performance specialty chemicals.
Resin and Material Technologies
Recycling industrial waste -- Polyester resins made from recycled PET and recovered cooking oils
High weather-resistant modified silicone resins
Water-borne paint hardeners featuring controlled reactivity through hydrophilic/hydrophobic design
Film-formation materials with nano-level structure for ultrahigh water repellency
Reactive oligomers with advanced functional segments
Micron-particle materials with precision-controlled structures
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