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What is the e-Laboratory?
The e-Laboratory is specialized in the testing, analysis and evaluation of paints and paint films as well as their development processes in order to facilitate customer familiarity with Nippon Paint products. A new IT-based system environment is now under construction so as to be able to quickly offer accurate data and information to meet specific customer needs.

By reinforcing its functions, the e-Laboratory aims to transform itself into an independent evaluation/analysis specialist that can assist Nippon Paint and its customers in fundamental research activities to final product development.
e-Laboratory's Five Key Functions
1. Development and implementation of technical information systems
To facilitate technical information to be used more efficiently and practically, a knowledge system is currently under development. To create paints and paint films to meet specific user requirements, essential knowledge is selected and combined. Along with these tasks, the e-Laboratory manages all technological databases (experience-based knowledge data) and undertakes simulations (combining experience-based knowledge with predictive data).
2. Analysis of paint and paint film properties
To support the development of high-quality paints and paint films, the e-Laboratory employs various analytical methods including rheology analysis, thermal analysis, electromagnetic wave analysis and multi-purpose analysis. Consultation services are also offered on paint analysis and paint film physical properties with analysis results accumulated in the knowledge database.
3. Weathering control and life prediction
Through multi-approach exposure testing for paint films, paint film life can be predicted and potential factors for paint film quality degradation identified.
For details, see Miyakojima Weathering Test Center
Deterioration of paint film quality due to marine organisms attaching to and being deposited on paint film is predicted in a comprehensive evaluation of paint film service life.
For details, see Marine Research Laboratory
4. Computational science-based numerical simulation
By using different methodologies in numerical computational science, the e-Laboratory conducts numerical and analytical simulations for many processes related to paint development as well as the physical properties of paint films. This contributes to enhanced development efficiency while allowing Nippon Paint to improve proposals supported by precise data to better satisfy our customers.
5. Sensory analysis and consultation
The e-Laboratory is also developing technology that allows a quantitative representation of sensory information that is related to evaluations of paint film appearance. By relaying the feedback of sensory information and human perceptions to the paint film formation process, the e-Laboratory pursues the development of more people-friendly paints and paint films.
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