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Research & Development
Nippon Paint is committed to R&D activities that span research in fundamental paint technology to developing related chemicals and materials. Always present in any endeavor of ours are the themes of enriching the living environment and maintaining a correct ecological balance.
Technological Information
Nippon Paint's Leading-edge Technologies
Innovative technologies developed by Nippon Paint
Patented Technology Licensing/Transfer TECHNO-COSMOS 22TECHNO-COSMOS 21TECHNO-COSMOS 20
236 patented technologies of ours are now available for licensing and transfer (Japan only)
Periodicals that spread the results of Nippon Paint research
Vol.22 (2009) Vol.21 (2008) Vol.20 (2007) Vol.19 (2006) Vol.18 (2005)
Vol.17 (2004) Vol.16 (2003) Vol.15 (2002) Vol.14 (2001)
R&D Laboratories
Pioneering future coatings Advanced research team for polymers Answering paint evaluation/analysis requirements Main R&D Facilities
Innovative Technology Laboratory Resin and Materials Laboratory e-Laboratory
Innovative Technology Laboratory Resin and Materials Laboratory e-Laboratory Main R&D Facilities
Latest Technology-related Information
09.4.8 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.22 is added.
08.5.2 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.21 is added.
07.4.12 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.20 is added.
06.4.12 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.19 is added.
05.5.11 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.18 is added.
04.6.8 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.17 is added.
03.3.26 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.16 is added.
02.3.11 TECHNO-COSMOS VOL.15 is added.
01.9.19 One "Leading-edge Technologies" is added.
01.4.10 Nippon Paint announces the world's first environmentally friendly water-based photo solder resist for PCBs as a result of joint product development with Sony
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