Advanced Coating Technology

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Vessels/Roadways/Plant Engineering

Paints for Vessels

Paints for vessels prevent shells and seaweed from clinging to the bottom of a ship and slowing it down. Nippon Paint Marine was the first to develop and introduce an organic, tin-free hydrolytic antifouling paint "Ecoloflex SPC," and then released "ECOLOSILK," system biocide-free antifouling paint. We are thus contributing to the environment with our earth-friendly paints.

Road Paints

Road paints help make travel safer and smoother for people. Road marking paints, colored tarmac paints and concrete anti-corrosion paints improve safety and make roads function more smoothly. We have also developed a product that is useful for traffic safety, such as "Marblight," a road stud that blinks at auxiliary road facilities and intersections.

Industrial Plant Engineering

Nippon Paint has equipment engineering technologies ranging from surface treatment to painting and drying. Taking advantage of such technologies, we satisfy the needs of our customers such as by increasing the production line speed, saving labor through automation and improving quality.

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