Advanced Coating Technology

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Fire-resistant Coating

What is fire-resistant coating?

The fire-resistant intumescent coating is a commonly used construction material in Europe. It is a thin film, but in case of a fire it will expand by 20-50 times creating a thermal barrier and protecting the steel frame from collapsing. The thin coating configulation offers a stylish appearance and design flexibility as well as an ease of application. Its significant advantages allow fire-resistant intumescent coatings to be applied to exposed steel frame surfaces often found in recent architectural styles used for atriums and showrooms where conventional fire-resistant coatings pose many difficulties.

Unlike conventional fire-resistant intumescent coatings, Nippon Paint's fire-resistant intumescent coating is an organic solvent-based coating made from special acrylic resin, usually applied with a special air-less coating machine that delivers an attractive, uniformly smooth appearance. Previously, with conventional fire-resistant intumescent coatings, special certification had to be obtained for each building through testing by ISO834 and, furthermore, such coatings had to be used in combination with fire-resistant steel to create fire-resistant interior and exterior structures.

Nippon Paint has gained considerable expertise in the application of fire-resistant intumescent coatings by handling several large-scale projects which were acclaimed for the ease of the coating operation and the attractive finish that resulted. For coatings that require special certification,time-consuming certification procedures and costly maintenance and management created difficulties for use with general structural steel materials. Recently, Nippon Paint has received general certification according to the ISO834 standard for its fire-resistant intumescent coating specified for use in structural steel materials. This makes it easier for customers to employ a fire-resistant coating only by receiving general certification as specified in ISO834 and undergoing inspection by a qualified building inspector.

Unlike conventional coating materials, the fire-resistant coating's thickness can be varied to match the thickness of structural steel. Based on many years of research, Nippon Paint's fire-resistant intumescent coating features an extremely thin configuration that can satisfy the most exacting requirements of building owners and architects in terms of an ease of application, finish and durability. This coating's superb quality demonstrates all the impressive design qualities of steel frames.

"Taikalitt," Nippon Paint's foaming fire-resistant coating offers a smooth and attractive finish comparable to a conventional coating finish, with the important advantage of a key ingredient, ammonium polyphosphate, which foams at high temperatures to form a heat-insulation layer. The coating system consists of an anti-corrosion layer, foam layer and top coating layer. When exposed to fire, the material starts to foam when the atmospheric temperature reaches 250 to 300 °C. The foam expands to a volume 25 to 50 times larger to provide superior heat insulation.

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