Advanced Coating Technology

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Bridges/Industrial Plants/Steel & Concrete Structures

Sophisticated technologies are required to dry paints used for large structures at normal temperatures in all kinds of weather and climate, from extremes of cold to hot, from extremes of arid to humid. We satisfy the needs of our customers by manufacturing a variety of paints that meet strict requirements such as durability, resistance to dirt and low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Large Structures

Bridges, industrial plants, tanks and other large structures require both an attractive appearance and long-term, heavy-duty protection against corrosion. Nippon Paint is developing paints and paint systems that have special properties to withstand harsh chemicals and other environmental elements to which they may be exposed, and our products have been used in various large-scale projects.

Fire-resistant Coating

Concrete Structures

Sewage facilities

Sewage facilities

Nippon Paint's technologies are actively employed for sewage facilities, which are essential for daily life. Our heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint system "Tough Guard System" designed for concrete structures provides superb workability such that any concrete structure can be used just two hours after painting.

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