Advanced Coating Technology

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Building & Construction Materials

Nippon Paint provides a complete coating system, from general construction paints to floor coatings and finish coatings. In the fields of new building materials and various factory-coated materials, Nippon Paint is constantly introducing new products to the market.

Office Building

Curtain walls and sashes are now often coated with the "Duflon K Series," a baked fluororesin coating which has an excellent appearance and is highly weather resistant. We also supply "Duflon," a coating that dries at room temperature without baking.


A whole range of different claddings are used for condominiums and office buildings to give a distinctive effect and improved functionality. Covering everything from undercoat to top coat, the "O-De Rewall" water-borne paint system features low polluting potential and high durability.

Metal Structures

Factories, warehouses, silos and similar buildings widely use steel plates with coil coating for roof and side components.

Private Homes

Nippon Paint offers a wide range of interior and exterior coated materials that give private homes greater personality, such as our "Jikitone Series" of materials with a natural stone finish. This wide product range offers something for every taste and preference.

Ceramic Constructions Materials

Nippon Paint offers a growing range of external claddings to give style and class to prefabricated houses. The decorative finish paints on these claddings need to be very durable as well as provide a stylish appearance. We are developing more paints and paint systems to meet this demand.

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