Advanced Coating Technology

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A 0.1mm-thick coating film is applied to new automobiles. Leading-edge technologies, which protect the automobile body from rust and keep the surface beautiful for longer, are built into the coating film of only 0.1mm thick. Nippon Paint is one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated paint systems for painting new automobiles, from surface treatment to undercoating, intermediate and finish coatings.

Coatings for Automobiles

New automobile painting system

New automobile painting system

Finish coatings for new automobiles are resistant to acid rain and car wash scratches, and form a coating film that makes the external body highly resistant to acid and thus keeps it beautiful for a long time. We are also developing environment-friendly coatings such as water-borne coatings and powder coatings for automobile painting processes. We have been conducting research on cationic electro-deposition coatings used for undercoatings to prevent corrosion and resist chipping under severe conditions. And we are also developing electro-activated cationic electro-deposition coatings as environment-friendly, next-generation electro-deposition coatings. We are continually creating innovative new materials to enhance the appearance of automobiles and paints that are luminous on the road at night.


Polarized paint "Maziora"

Polarized paint "Maziora"

We have developed a polarized paint "Maziora" that changes color depending on the angle from which it is viewed or the light falls on it. It is a top-brand personal paint used to repaint automobiles or as a high-design paint for new automobiles. It is also used for sports goods, cellular phones and musical instruments.

Automobile Repair Paints

Color measuring system for vehicles to be repaired

Color measuring system for vehicles to be repaired

As used automobiles get older, the needs of users for repair paints become diversified. Nippon Paint introduced a quick computer-based color matching system, "color-matching Navi CT-X," and developed a repair paint system for analyzing paints and color tones, and for measuring and accurately matching colors. This color matching system satisfies the various needs of users for repairs regardless of manufacturer or model.

Plastics Paints

Nippon Paint supplies coating materials that enhance the properties of plastic materials used for automobiles, office equipment, construction and in the leisure industry. We have also developed weather-resistant, high shock-absorbing paints for high-performance plastics that can be used for automobile bumpers, side panels, and wheel caps that make them look integrated with the body. Nippon Paint has the largest share of this market.

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