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Company Museum

Entrance of Company Museum
Entrance of Company Museum

Paint has been used in Japan since ancient times, traditional lacquer ware is one example. However, the history of modern Western-style paint in Japan does not begin until 1881 with the founding of Komyosha, Nippon Paint's predecessor. The story begins with Haruta and Jujiro Moteki, two brothers who branched out from the successful manufacture of zinc oxide to experiment with the production of paste paint. Along with Heikichi Nakagawa, Chief Engineer of the Imperial Navy Dockyard's Painting Team, the brothers formed their own company, Komyosha, to manufacture paste paints. In 1898 the company was incorporated and renamed Nippon Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This event marked the birth of a fully fledged Western-style paint industry in Japan. Nippon Paint has led the industry in R&D ever since. During development, the company has accumulated a vast store of technical know-how and supplied all fields with a variety of paint products and coating systems. The company is continuing to diversify, with innovative development programs in new business areas such as fine chemicals, biotechnology and electronics. The Nippon Paint Company Museum gives visitors the opportunity to survey the company's evolution up to present day through a rich collection of documents and historical materials. It is said that by reviewing history, one can gain a real understanding of what the future may hold. We invite you to join us in a unique historical tour of the Japanese paint industry, and perhaps by doing so get a glimpse of its bright future.

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