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Color Design Color Design
Color Design
The role of the Design Center is to create coating designs. We go beyond simply choosing colors, and strive to identify the optimum direction and people's attitudes. We use the latest coating technology and designer's skills to enhance how our products look.

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The Design Center is a group of designers who propose how to make living spaces more comfortable, ranging from designing colors for industrial products such as automobiles to designing color combinations for buildings. Our unique creatlvity is based on the research results of many years.

Automobile color design
Color design that sets the trend of the times. The Design Center proposes coloring plans in line with the development goals of each automobile manufacturer. We create colors for the next generation after reviewing the preferences of consumers, fashion and interior trends from every angle. We reproduce the design image of coating film on the body of a real automobile.

Global Color Show
Global Color Show

Industrlal product design
Coatings used for industrial products such as IT equipment, consurner electronics and building materials must be not only functional, but also convey the correct image. The Design Center recognizes that the color is an important element of industrial design, and participates in the development of customers' products through combining hardware and software aspects.

Neo taste Color Show
Neo taste Color Show

Environmental color design
The Design Center has made color proposals since the reconstruction period after the war, and has made local communities more attractive and improved the quality of the living environment. It surveys and analyzes the history, climate and living conditions of the local community, and draws up comprehensive coloring plans from buildings and civil engineering structures for the entire community, making full use of local characteristics.

Environmental color design
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